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D.I.Wise Rubber Band Launcher

The humans at Marbles: Brain Workshop want everyone to have proper defense against an alien attack. That's why we have the Rubber Band Launcher. You may think a slingshot is adequate when the Little Green Men come to grab your cows and other precious possessions. Maybe you're right. But wouldn't you rather have several elastic projectiles locked and loaded instead of just one? You can and they can all fly up to 25 feet! Hostile extra-terrestrials will find that we earthlings aren't so easily conquered!

Constructing this fine piece of earth defense will take around 30 minutes, and it is time well spent as a solo project or with friends and family. It's an elaborate piece of wooden machinery. When it's complete you'll understand why even the fiercest xenomorph will quaver before you. In addition to the impressive equipment, we've included 3 UFO targets for blastin' practice. The Rubber Band Launcher hones hand/eye coordination, flexes your builder brain muscles and enhances fine motor skills. Earth will be safe in your hands.


  • Pre- cut wooden pieces
  • 100 rubber bands

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