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There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. In this puzzle, you will do both, except instead of walking, you'll be a marble rolling down the path. You'll have to make your own way from start to finish, creating the road as you go. Other marble companions might join you on the journey and you'll guide them home too. The trick is finding a way to make the path work for you. So take up a challenge card, arrange the grid, set your marbles and see if you can find your ways.

Marbology is a sliding tile, marble-guiding single player puzzle. In all 52 challenges, roll marbles from their start positions to their matching colored homes. This is done by sliding tiles within the grid to create pathways for shunting the marbles between recesses. Solve the puzzle by giving all marbles a clear path to their matching color homes. Your logical skills, visual perception and mental pathways will all be enhanced.


  • 9 colorful marbles
  • 15 double-sided tiles
  • 52 puzzle cards
  • 1 wooden storage box
  • 1 sheet of illustrated instructions

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