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Hnefatafl (pronounced ""nef-ah-tah-fel"") is a two-player strategy game with two objectives: the Attackers are trying to capture the King while the Vikings need to get their King to safety. As in many of their historic battles, the Vikings are surrounded and outnumbered. But with cunning and daring moves, these fierce Nordic warriors will live to plunder another day ... unless their opponent outmaneuvers them to capture the King, sending all Vikings to the afterlife in Valhalla.

Looking at Hnefatafl, you may notice similarities to Chess. You may even think that some raider pillaged the idea of this game directly from Chess. Smite that idea down with the hammer of Thor! Like the Angles and Saxons preceding the Normans, Hnefatafl came long before Chess. In fact, it's a game at least 600 years older than chess!

Hnefatafl is a beautifully crafted strategy game that plays well with cups of mead (drinking from skulls of defeated enemies optional).


  • 1 Game board
  • 1 King piece
  • 12 Viking Pieces
  • 24 Attacker Pieces
  • Instructions

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