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Playing catch has been around much longer than cell phones or even rotary phones. Before we had clocks that made actual tick-tock sounds, kids and adults played catch. Throwing a ball around remains timeless while fountain pens and VHS tapes fade into history. But what if there was something that completely changed the game of catch? Made it so catching with two hands seems as antiquated as a pager? Something.........stylishly colored.........from parts unknown.........possibly for the füture (a füture that uses umlauts)!

Introducing Fündapop— the füture of catch. To get poppin', simply slip Fündapop onto your hand of choice, DROP a Fündaball inside the nylon launch pad and POP open your mitt — you'll immediately discover why Fündapop is as exciting as the first instant camera. The ball POPS out at amazing speed, soars through the air and, with a satisfying snap, gets LOCKED into your playmate's mitt. Take a few seconds to acknowledge the wonder of what you've just witnessed, then continue droppin’, poppin’ and lockin’.

In addition to being buckets of fün, Fündapop also works those hand-eye coordination and physical fitness skills to keep that brain of yours poppin’ long into the füture. Fündapop — the füture of catch.


  • 2 Launch- ready Fündapops
  • 4 Pop- ready Fündaballs

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