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Sew Cool

Sew Cool Diary Designs

Stitch! Stuff! Decorate! Create plush Diary Designs using this colorful creative fabric kit and your Sew Cool Sewing Studio. The Sew Cool Sewing Studio is simple to use, with no bobbins to wind, no needles to thread and no foot pedal. With Sew Cool and its special fabric, it’s never been sew easy. Unlike ordinary sewing machines, the Sew Cool Sewing Studio is designed specifically for ages 6+. First time sewers will enjoy instant encouragement because they can do it themselves. Making the Diary Designs will encourage your child’s imagination and develop hand eye coordination. With the Sew Cool Diary Designs creative fabric kit, kids can easily craft and customize their own Diary, Bookmarks and Pencil Case! Personalize your Diary, Bookmarks and Pencil Case with 12 gems and 10 fabric charms. The Sew Cool Sewing Studio’s unique threadless technology is the safe and simple way for young kids to learn new creative skills. The Diary Designs kit will have kids making their own personalized Diary in no time! Design, stitch and decorate with Sew Cool! Sew Cool Sewing Studio sold separately.


  • Sew Cool is simple and safe! No bobbins or needles required. There’s no thread, just press the button and follow the dotted line!
  • The Diary Designs Fabric Pack gives you everything you need to create and decorate an awesome Diary! Sew Cool Sewing Studio sold separately.
  • Personalize your Diary, Bookmarks and Pencil Case with 25 gems, 20 fabric charms and 8 buttons.
  • The Sew Cool threadless sewing system is for kids aged 6+. Sew Cool Sewing Studio sold separately. Additional creative fabric kits sold separately.


  • 4 Sew Cool Pre Cut Project
  • 11 Sew Cool Decorative Fabric Pieces
  • 12 Gems
  • 2 Adhesive Strip Sets
  • 1 Instruction sheet

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