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Plush Creeper with SFX

You know what’s coming when you hear that hissing behind you, but now you have no reason to fear because it is likely to be this huggable and squeezable 14” plush Creeper! This plush Creeper looks just like everyone’s favorite Minecraft creature, and it even plays the Creeper’s signature sound! Just squeeze your Creeper to activate the iconic ‘Hssst, Boom!’ sound effect. This soft plush Creeper will appeal to Minecraft fans young and old alike.


  • Fans of all ages will instantly recognize the notorious and deadly exploding Creeper with the authentic Minecraft design of this huggable 14” plush!
  • Give him a squeeze to play the explosion sound: Hsssst, Boom!
  • The Minecraft 14” character is made of soft and plush materials for safe play.
  • The Plush Creeper with sound is made for Minecraft fans, enthusiasts and people who like to squeeze plush toys and hear a noise who are ages 3+.


  • 1 14” Plush Creeper

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