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6 Inch Vinyl Creeper

In the world of Minecraft, Creepers are good at one thing: blowing your stuff up. Don’t keep this 6” Vinyl Creeper too close to anything of value. You never know when he might go Boom! Each Vinyl Creeper has a ball-jointed head for articulation and comes with a 2” Diamond Block accessory. It’s the perfect collectors item for any Minecraft fan!


  • Fans of all ages will instantly recognize the notorious and deadly exploding Creeper with its authentic Minecraft design.
  • Bring home this 6” Vinyl Creeper and put him on display with the included 2” Diamond Block.
  • Every 6” Vinyl Creeper head has a ball-jointed articulation for easy posing.
  • Creepers are made for Minecraft enthusiasts, fans, and people who just enjoy Creepers and are ages 6+.


  • 1 6” Vinyl Creeper
  • 1 2” Diamond Block

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