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How to Train Your Dragon

Transforming Shield

A shield is a dragon trainer’s most important weapon! The incredible Transforming Dragon Shield has the hidden ability to transform from shield to crossbow! This 2-in-1 shield lets kids defend, transform and launch foam arrows. Recreate epic scenes from DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk with the transformational power of the Dragon Shield!


  • The Transforming Dragon Shield is a 2-in-1 transformational role-play toy!
  • Defend against dragons by using the shield for protection and then quickly transform it into a crossbow capable of launching foam arrows!
  • Kids can recreate their favorite scenes from DreamWorks Dragons!
  • The Dragon Shield offers hours of role-play fun for kids ages 4+.


  • 1 Transforming Shield
  • 1 Crossbow Arrow
  • 1 Dragon Map

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